September 2005
1st Billion
Progress: 737,810,861 people saved
2nd Billion
0 Churches
5 Million
Progress: 3,562,212 


With eyes that see to the ends of the earth, the global Church is synergizing together to find ways to fulfill the Great Commission within this generation and the one to follow. The global Church is collectively empowering a missions philosophy and plan that can strategically take the Gospel where it has never been before.

Old maps will not work in new lands. For the first time in missional history, the focus and thrust is not “West to the Rest,” with an American Church sending missionaries to well-indigenized ministries. The new focus is the “Best to the Rest,” where ministries that God has raised up all over the world – which are self-supporting, self-propagating and multipliable without Western help – can add value to the rest of the world.

We are developing Co-Chairs for each of the States in the US and each nation worldwide, as well as for key relational groups such as “children” or “music”. To nominate yourself or someone you know to serve as a Co-Chair, simply write to

Matthew AnhythonyDr. Ben Lerner - Orlando, Florida
COCHAIR/Global Health Awareness

Dr. Ben Lerner is a New York Times Bestselling Author. His organization, Maximized Living, was founded to change the way people view and manage their health. He is the author of Winning My Race, an inspirational and practical guide for answering God’s calling for you, with essential steps to treating your body as God’s temple, getting in the best shape of your life and attaining the true health you need to win your race. He was named the first official chiropractor for the USA Wrestling World Team, and he traveled with USAW to the Atlanta and Sidney Olympic Games, as well as eight world championships.

Matthew AnhythonyMatthew Anthony - Dallas, Texas - Church Law Group
COCHAIR/Church Governance

Mr. Anthony’s practice focuses in the area of nonprofit organizations with an emphasis on compliance issues, executive compensation and litigation/arbitration. His clients include all types of charitable, religious, educational organizations as well as individuals.

Matthew AnhythonyRobert Barriger - Lima, Peru — Camino de Vida
COCHAIR/Nation Building

Founded the largest congregation in Lima; dozens of outreaches bring compassion relief to millions of citizens; hundreds of members involved in political and social processes; influences the nation’s President, Congress and changes to the Constitution.

Matthew AnhythonyJohn Basheiri - Lehigh Acres, FL
CoChair/CEI - New Life Assembly

John Baschieri, Senior Pastor at New Life Assembly in Lehigh Acres, FL.

Matthew AnhythonyDale C. Bronner
COCHAIR/Visionary Leadership

Bishop Dale C. Bronner is founder/senior pastor of Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral with more than 13,000 members; part owner of Bronner Brothers Manufacturing Company, a 50 year old multi-million dollar family-owned corporation founded by his late father, Nathaniel Bronner; and Chairman of the Christian Men’s Network founded by the late Edwin Louis Cole.

Matthew AnhythonyDr. Louie Bustle
CoChair/Global Resources

Dr. Louie Bustle retired after leading the Church of the Nazarene denomination’s Global Mission efforts for 18 years. Prior to this role, he served as a missionary, field director and regional director, for a total of 42 years in service. During these years he traveled to more than 100 countries, casting vision, empowering leaders and developing strategy.

Matthew AnhythonyMichael Chowning - St. Petersburg, Russia — Assemblies of God
COCHAIR/Western Russia

Has planted hundreds of churches throughout Russia; established Bible training centers for the purpose of multiplying ministers throughout the former Soviet republics.

Matthew AnhythonyPaul Louis Cole - Dallas, Texas — Christian Men’s Network
COCHAIR/Servant Ministries

Pastor and Christian television pioneer; Cofounder and President of the Christian Men’s Network, an international movement of men started by his late father, Edwin Louis Cole; hundreds of thousands of adherents worldwide.

Matthew AnhythonyRobert E. Coleman - Boston, Massachussetts — Gordon Cromwell Seminary

Educator and author of the multi-million best-selling book, The Master Plan of Evangelism, mentor to thousands of ministers globally; professor of theology at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

Matthew AnhythonyJimmy Cornejo - CoChair/Ecuador- Christian Center Cuenca

Jimmy Cornejo has travel constantly throughout Latin America on family lecturing and inspiring many with his personal testimonies. His church “Christian Center Cuenca-Ecuador” currently exceeds 5,000. He and his wife Aida have a TV show called “Life Codes”, and are also authors of the books: “The Keys of Power”, “Treasure Hunt” and “We Are One”.


Matthew AnhythonyJohn R. Corts - Orlando, Florida — Second Billion Strategist
COCHAIR/Synergistic Strategies

One of the original architects of the Billion Soul Vision, Dr. Corts served Dr. Bill Bright directly; formerly a pastor, church planter, professor, college president; President of the Billy Graham Evangelical Association during 17 years of service to Dr. Graham; architect of the world-shaking Amsterdam 2000 Council of Evangelism; currently a counselor, mentor, adviser to many ministries.

Matthew AnhythonyGustavo Crocker - Switzerland — Church of the Nazarene
CoChair/North Africa--Middle East

Dr. Gus Crocker serves as the Eurasia Director for the Church of the Nazarene. He provides dynamic, creative leadership regarding Church Planting Movements in more than 30 nations from a home base in Germany. He and his family reside in Switzerland.

Matthew AnhythonyMichael Darbinjan - Blagoveschensk, Russia — New Generation Church

In just over a decade, built one of the strongest Bible schools for the purpose of church planting in Eastern Russia; has planted more than 12 churches in Blagoveschensk and has a highly rated Christian broadcast in the region.

Matthew AnhythonyJames O. Davis - Orlando, Florida — Second Billion
COCHAIR/Global Networking

Cofounder Billion Soul Initiative; a networker of networks; serves 100,000 local churches who are ramping up to spread the Billion Soul Initiative in a global wildfire of rampant soul-winning and church planting.

Matthew AnhythonyRonnie Floyd
CoChair/Spiritual Awakenings

Dr. Ronnie Floyd has been a pastor for over 35 years. His experience, wisdom and passion for God make him a powerful proclaimer of God’s Word. He teaches principles from the Bible that encourage and uplift thousands of people all over the world via TV, the Internet, podcasts, radio, speaking engagements and books.


Matthew AnhythonyLeon Fontaine - Canada — Springs Church

Pastor Leon Fontaine founded and pastors the largest church in Canada with more than 12,000 worshippers each weekend. He preaches and teaches in international conferences and has visionary, gifted leadership skills.

Matthew AnhythonyAaron Franz - Co Chair/ Indiana

President of Encountering Hope Ministries and pastor at Living Church


Matthew AnhythonyJim Garlow - La Mesa, California — Skyline Wesleyan Church

Historic theologian known for breakthrough ideas and principle-based teaching on culture transformation and modern evangelism; pastor, educator, professor, prolific public speaker, radio personality and author of multiple best-selling books.

Matthew AnhythonyJean Gatabazi - Rwanda Pentecostal Assemblies
Jean Gatabazi, General Superintendent

Jean Gatabazi, general superintendent of the Rwanda Pentecostal Assemblies of God, with his wife, Christine, began the Rwandan church in 1992 as a house church fellowship

Matthew AnhythonyPrince Guneratnam - Southeast Asia — Calvary Church
COCHAIR/Southeast Asia

Pastors Calvary Church whose congregation is building a 5,000 seat convention center to impact Malaysian culture; previously served as the General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God and as President of Evangelicals for Malaysia.

Matthew AnhythonyGregg Halteman
Co Chair/ US Strategic Partnerships at Billion Soul Network

Co Chair: US Strategic Partnerships at Billion Soul Network,  and President at Halteman Consulting. Halteman Consulting provides solid, real world solutions to the myriad of opportunities and challenges facing buisness and ministry today.

Matthew AnhythonyPhil Harris - Colorado-Nebraska—The Wesleyan Church
COCHAIR/Global Resources

Since 1992, Rev. Phil Harris served as the District Superintendent for the Colorado-Nebraska District of The Wesleyan Church, in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is key leader in the Wesleyan Church and will provide leadership in resourcing the next generation of pastors and ministers.

Matthew AnhythonyRobb Hawks - Orlando, FL
Co Chair-CoChair/Oral Learners/

Robb Hawks is a missionary at The Oral Learners Initiative, an international ministry of the Assemblies of God World Missions. Based out of Orlando, Florida, this ministry uses a variety of means to spread the Gospel to unreached people. Rob Hawks, is President at Global Media Alliance, and the executive pastor at Faith Assembly of God.


Matthew AnhythonyDavid Hernquist - Bronx, New York — Van Nest Assembly
COCHAIR/Inner City Evangelism

David Hernquist is the Senior Pastor of Van Nest Assembly in Bronx, New York, one of the largest churches in the area. Due to his dynamic ministry, he serves at the CoChair/Inner City EvangelismDavid Hernquist is the Senior Pastor of Van Nest Assembly in Bronx, New York, one of the largest churches in the area. Due to his dynamic ministry, he serves at the CoChair/Inner City Evangelism.

Matthew AnhythonyLarry Hickey - Washington DC — Potomac District Assemblies of God

Serves as the Assemblies of God Superintendent for the Potomac District in North America. He has successfully served as a pastor, presbyter, author and educator.

Matthew AnhythonyDavid Highlander - Co Chair/ Virginia-Calvary Assembly of God


Lead pastor at Calvary Assembly of God in Virginia.

Matthew AnhythonyAdemola Ishola - Lagos, Nigeria — Southern Baptist Convention
COCHAIR/West Africa

Serves as the President of the Southern Baptist Convention for Nigeria, with more than 8000 churches and four million people. The Nigerian Convention is the second largest Southern Baptist Convention in the world. With an earned PhD, he is a church planter, educator, author and extraordinary leader.

Matthew AnhythonyMichael Jones - Richmond, Virginia — Village of Faith

Michael Jones is the founding pastor of Village of Faith, in Richmond, Virginia, one of the fastest growing churches in Virginia. He serves as the CoChair/Virginia

Matthew AnhythonyWalter Kaise - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
COCHAIR/Global Training

Dr. Walter Kaiser is one of the leading theologian, educators and leaders in the world today. In addition to being a renown author, he has served as Dean of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, Illinois, and Present of Gordon-Conwell in Boston, Massachusetts. He is the CoChair/Global Training in the Second Billion Movement.

Matthew AnhythonyDr. Michael E. Knight - CoChair/Kentucky - Covenant Community Church

Michael is the founding pastor of the 1200 member Covenant Community Church in Western Kentucky.

community and relationship. He has formally trained over 2000 church planters in four years, with his 27 years of experience.

Matthew AnhythonySuliasi Kurulo - Suva, Fiji — World Harvest Centre
COCHAIR/Unreached Peoples

Became the fastest-growing denominational fellowship in Oceania through door-to-door witnessing in every island nation; built one of the largest auditoriums in the South Pacific with just its member’s donations in one of the poorest nations on earth; planted churches in 100 nations, especially among formerly “unreached people groups.”

Matthew AnhythonyAlexey Ledyaev - Riga, Latvia — New Generation Church
CoChair/Eastern Europe

Founded a multiplying church reaching every nation in the Baltics and beyond with church plants now totaling close to 100,000 members; launched Family Day festivities to bring Kingdom principles to his nation and brought Constitutional change; hosts a state-of-the-art syndicated television program throughout Europe.

Matthew AnhythonyEddy Leo - Jakarta, Indonesia - Abbalove Ministries
COCHAIR/False Religions

Copastors one of the leading churches in Indonesia of more than 50,000 members; mentored 100,000 men in five years including winning thousands of Muslim men for Christ, through 39 nationwide “men’s centers”; created a national movement that reaches the upper echelons of business and government.

Matthew AnhythonyDouglas LeRoy - Cleveland, Tennessee - Church of God
COCHAIR/Unreached Peoples

Dr. Douglass LeRoy serves as the Assistant World Missions Director for the Church of God, in Cleveland, Tennessee. At the present time, the Church of God World Missions is focusing on more than 70 unreached people groups.

Matthew AnhythonyJohn Ed Mathison - Montgomery, Alabama - Frazer Memorial united Methodist Church
COCHAIR/North America

Pastors the strongest United Methodist Church in North America. Over the last 30 years, his congregation has experienced both national and international growth. He has equipped more than 8,000 leaders for ministry in his local church.

Matthew AnhythonyRay McCauley - Johannesburg, South Africa - Rhema Christian
COCHAIR/Southern Africa

Has built one of the largest churches in the world with more than 40,000 worshippers and has planted hundreds of churches in South Africa and hosts a weekly television program viewed by millions.

Matthew AnhythonyJames Merritt - Atlanta, Georgia - Cross Point Church
COCHAIR/Pastoral Training

James Merritt has served as the President of the Southern Baptist Convention. He is prolific writer and conference speaker worldwide. He currently serves as the founding pastors Cross Point Church in the greater Atlanta area and the CoChair/Pastoral Training.

Matthew AnhythonyDavid Middlebrook - Dallas, Texas - Church Law Group
COCHAIR/Church Law

David Middlebrook is licensed to practice law in Texas, Colorado and the District of Columbia and his practice emphasis is focused on nonprofit organizations. His clients include all types of charitable, religious and educational organizations.

Matthew AnhythonyAlex Mitala - Kampala, Uganda - Natl. Fellowship of Born Again Churches
COCHAIR/Men's Ministry

Rev. Alex Mitala is General Overseer of the National Fellowship of the Born Again Churches with over 10,000 churches. For 30 years, he has planted businesses that sustain outreaches such as orphanages and pastor-training schools. He leads GLOVIMO, the world-renowned youth abstinence movement which has reduced Uganda’s AIDS epidemic from 76% to 16% of the population in one generation.

Matthew AnhythonyDavid Mohan - Madras, India - New Life Church
COCHAIR/Prayer Movements

Built a 30,000-member church which will remain intact after they build the largest church building in the world with 55,000 stadium seats, to be opened only to new converts; leads nationwide ministries in prayer.

Matthew AnhythonyPeter Mortlock - Auckland, New Zealand - City Impact Church

Founding pastor of the strongest church in New Zealand; host of an internationally-renowned television program.

Matthew AnhythonyMichael Murphy - Sutherland New South Wales
CoChair/Australia Shirelive Church

Michael is the founding Chairman of Global Community Initiatives (GCI) a field based missions agency involved in community transformation and sustainability across the continent of Asia and beyond. He is also a National Executive Member of Australian Christian Churches in New South Wales and lead the team responsible for planting new churches across New South Wales as the director of New Churches Australia NSW.

Matthew AnhythonyTricia Neill - London, England - Alpha
COCHAIR/Personal Evangelism

Serves as the Executive Director for Alpha International. Alpha has a global reach with nearly 40 million who have taken their evangelistic curriculum that exists in nearly 80 languages.

Matthew AnhythonyPeter Njiri - Nairobi, Kenya - Assemblies of God
COCHAIR/East Africa

Serves as the Assemblies of God General Superintendent for Kenya for more than 20 years. Under his leadership, thousands of churches have been planted. He is a renowned leader throughout East Africa.

Matthew AnhythonyJohn Palmer - Akron, Ohio
CoChair/Ministerial Counseling

President of EMERGE Ministries and presently coaching young pastors and church planters. John brings his spiritual passion, visionary spirit, pastor’s heart, and team building skills to this vital ministry.  John is launching a fresh preemptive ministry helping spiritual, professional, and business leaders build stronger fences at the top of the cliff, so they can be emotionally, mentally, and relationally healthy as they face the stresses and pressures of leadership.

Evan Paul - Rockledge, Florida
CoChair/Children Sponsorships

Rev. Evan O. Paul is the founder and director of the nonprofit ministry, Missions In Action, Inc., where Dream Builders are the dynamic thrust of a ministry that seeks to involve an army of volunteers on a variety of missions projects in America and around the world.

Matthew AnhythonyDwayne Pickett - Jackson, Mississippi - New Jerusalem Church
COCHAIR/Gulf Region

Dwayne Pickett is the Senior Pastor of New Jerusalem Church, a world class church in Jackson, Mississippi. Additionally, he serves as the CoChair/Gulf Region

Matthew AnhythonyLee Powell - Perrysburg, Ohio - CedarCreek Church
COCHAIR/Church Growth

Lee Powell serves as the founding pastors of Cedar Creek, in Toledo, Ohio. Cedar Creek has grown to nearly 10,000 people and is reaching the many segments of the world. Lee Powell serves as the CoChair/Church Growth in the Second Billion Network.

Matthew AnhythonySlavik Radchuk

Evangelist in the Soviet Union, in Ukraine, Russia and other former states of the USSR. During the past 20 years Slavik has conducted hundreds of campaigns, often attended by more than 10,000 people, and frequently meeting out doors. Hundreds of thousands have turned to Christ and hundreds of new churches have been planted.

Matthew AnhythonyDavid Ramirez - Quito, Ecuador
COCHAIR/South America

David Ramirez; Cochair/South America; The Administrative Bishop of the Church of God South Western Hispanic Region, missionary to South America, founder and president of South American Seminary in Quito, Ecuador.

Matthew AnhythonyKevin Roach - Rivers Hill Church
US, Nebraska

Senior Pastor of River Hills Church in South Sioux City, NE

Matthew AnhythonyMark Sartin - Kissimmee, FL-Ridgeland Community Church
CoChair/US Synergize

Senior Pastor at Ridgeland Community Church in Kissimee , Florida.

Matthew AnhythonyGeorge Sawyer - Decatur, Alabama - Calvary Assembly
COCHAIR/Pastoral Care

Founded a large multicultural congregation; developing a 180-acre church facility; leads one of the largest missions-minded churches in the US.

Matthew AnhythonyPat Schatzline - Trussville, Alabama - Mercy Seat Ministries
COCHAIR/Global Youth

Pastor Pat Schatzline has criss-crossed the world communicating and connecting with young people. He has preached at some of the largest youth conferences in the world. He is a church planter, networker and world-class leader.

Matthew AnhythonyMartin Schwarz - Seattle, Washington - Real Networks

Pioneer of the Internet media industry; senior officer of Real Networks; technology educator, including One Laptop Per Child program to provide computers to Third World children; helped Dr. Bill Bright launch Internet media outreach.

Matthew AnhythonyDavid Sobrepena - Manila, Philippines - World of Hope
COCHAIR/Church Planting

Founding pastor to congregation of more than 22,000 regular attendees; trained 226,000 leaders creating a pattern for success for the each year.

Matthew AnhythonyGreg Smith - President of InStep Inc.

Founder and President of InStep Global Inc., an entrepreneurial mission organization, with a global  vision to “Link Resources That Matter.”  A practitioner of the Great Commission, leader developer, executive strategy consultant and networker to resource Great Commission Leaders and causes.  He has trained over 300,000 leaders and pastors in 10 nations and serves as Corporate Chaplain/Relationship Coach for Hotel Equities to influence hospitality industry leaders.

Matthew AnhythonyJohn Sorensen - President of Evangelism Explosion
COCHAIR/Personal Evangelism

John Sorensen is the President of Evangelism Explosion and CoChair/Personal Evangelism. Over the last 30 years Evangelism Explosion has seen nearly 100 million people come to Christ in every nation.

Matthew AnhythonyJ. Doug Stringer - Houston, Texas - Somebody Cares International
COCHAIR/Compassion Evangelism

Dr. J. Doug Stringer is an author, evangelist and church strategist; founder of the international compassion evangelism ministry, Somebody Cares. He is a ordained minister, founder and president of Turning Point Ministries and adviser to dozens of church-based missions, civil government organizations from local police departments to US Representatives, as well as governments internationally.

Matthew AnhythonyJeff Tarbox - Biddeford, Maine - New Life Church
COCHAIR/North East for America

Pastor Jeff Tarbox is the founding pastor of New Life Church in Biddeford, Maine. His main thrust is crossing the chasm between in this changing culture. He serves as the CoChair/North East For America.

Matthew AnhythonyLeonard Sweet - New Jersey
CoChair/Social Media

Currently the E. Stanley Jones Professor of Evangelism at Drew University in Madison, N.J. and a Visiting Distinguished Professor at George Fox University in Portland, Oregon, Dr. Sweet has been Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the Theological School at Drew University for five years. The founder and president of SpiritVenture Ministries, he has been a leader in the United Methodist Church and a consultant to many of America’s denominational leaders and agencies.

Matthew AnhythonyJames Hudson Taylor IV - Taiwan
CoChair/Visionary Networking

The great-grandson formerly the China Inland Mission and Overseas Missionary Fellowship, founded by his great-grandfather in 1865. Today James speaks to churches around the world about global missions and spearheads numerous ministries throughout China and Southeast Asia.

Matthew AnhythonySergey Velbovets

Sergey Velbovets is the founder  and the president of both ‘In Victory Media’ ( and the Christian Telegraph (  It is one of the world’s largest online Christian portal sites serving Russian speakers worldwide. The websites are visited by over a million English-speaking and Russian-speaking people per month from more than 80 countries.

Matthew AnhythonyBishop Efraim Tendero - Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches
COCHAIR/Southeast Evangelicals

Bishop Efraim Tenderois a key Evangelical leader in the Philippines and throughout East Asia, He is providing leadership as the CoChair/Southeast Evangelicals.

Matthew AnhythonyMick Thurber - Tulsa, Oklahoma - Thurber Creative
COCHAIR/Visual Arts

Has given “eyes” to the Second Billion vision. For years he has served as a leading creative designer for many renowned Christian ministries.

Matthew AnhythonyElmer Towns - Lynchburg, VA- Liberty University

Dr. Elmer Towns is known around the world as co-founder of Liberty University and as author of more than 175 popular books on prayer, spirituality and the Church. His is also known as a motivator par excellence of men and women who long to be exceptional for the cause of Christ.

Matthew AnhythonyCharles Tuttle - McKinney, Texas - Family Worship Center
COCHAIR/Teamwork Development

Pastor Charles Tuttle pastors Family Worship Center in McKinney, Texas, one of the fastest growing churches in the South. He is known for his gifted insights into partnerships and will help bring team development to the Second Billion.

Matthew AnhythonyKenneth C. Ulmer - Los Angeles, California - Faithful Central Bible Church and the President of Kings Seminary
COCHAIR/Global Operations

Kenneth C. Ulmer is Senior Pastor of Faithful Central Bible Church and the President of Kings Seminary, both in Los Angeles. He is one of the most after speakers in the Christian world. He serves at the CoChair/Seminary Presidents

Matthew AnhythonyDr. Paul L. Walker - Cleveland, Tennesssee
CoChair/Global Mentoring

Dr. Paul Walker presently serves as adjunct faculy for Lee University and the Pentecostal Theological Seminary.  He has served in pastoral and administrative roles in Church of God for over 50 years.

Matthew AnhythonyCaleb Wehrli - Victory Christian Center, Tulsa
Global Youth

Caleb Wehrli, along with his wife Sarah, Caleb is the founder of Inspire International , a ministry focused on encouraging people, and equipping leaders. Both Caleb and Sarah have ministered in over 30 different countries on crusade outreaches and leaders initiatives over the past 12 years.

Matthew AnhythonyPaul Wharton - Nashville, Tennessee - Wharton Photography
COCHAIR/Global Photography

Paul D. Wharton is a well-known Christian photographer from Nashville, Tennessee, who photographs some of the sports and music industry¡¦s top stars. He has traveled to many nations in ministry service and regularly photographs Second Billion events.

Matthew AnhythonyIsaac Wheigar - Morovia, Liberia - Wesleyan Church
COCHAIR/Emerging Leaders

Leading Wesleyan overseer for Liberia and a key networker for most of Africa; trains leaders, plants churches and evangelizes in ten West African nations. As the generational tides come in, equipping emerging leaders will be key.

Matthew AnhythonyLazarus Yeghnazar
CoChair / Middle East

Rev Lazarus Yeghnazar is director of 222 Ministries International and a key partner with EQUIP in training and equipping Iranian leaders. 222 Ministries has pioneered in many areas including: a Farsi Christian news agency; TV on demand on the internet; an online Bible College; special programs and websites for children and youth, as well as; planting churches amongst Farsi speakers in the Diaspora, and; not least, establishing underground churches in 40 cities and towns across Iran.

Matthew AnhythonyEmmanuel Ziga - Seattle, Washington - Grace For All Nations
COCHAIR/Northwest United States

Emmanuel Ziga is the founder of Grace For All Nations located in Seattle, Washington. He preaches and teaches in every world region. He currently serves as the CoChair/Northwest United States.