History of Billion

The Billion Soul Network is Synergizing the Global Church Around the World

Since 2006, the global church has 3.6 million new churches and over 730,000,000 lost people have come to Christ.


February, 2001 – Two leaders meet to discuss how to they can help the Global Church get in position to complete the Great Commission by winning a billion souls to Christ.

January, 2002 – The first Global Pastors Conference is held in Orlando, Florida, brings leaders from all parts of the globe and all streams of Christianity.

January, 2004 – A second Global Pastors Conference is held in Orlando to launch initiatives. Training is videotaped for the Internet.


August, 2004 – A Global Conference Call brings world leaders together. Focus is two tracks toward one goal: Both church planting and evangelism.

September, 2005 – The first Global Church Planting Congress convenes in Dallas, Texas, with 500 leaders from 71 nations, decide to share Relationships, Resources, Research, Recommendations and Reports.

Billion Soul Summits Convene Around the World


More than 10,000 overseers, superintendents, elected officers, leading evangelicals, networkers, strategists, unreached peoples, experts, missionaries, missiologists, seminary and Bible college presidents, evangelists, and leaders of church fellowships met and talked face to face.

January, 2006 – At the third Global Pastors Conference features a “Finish Line” meeting where world leaders gather about the unreached people of the world.

September 2006 – South America – Peru

November 2006 – South Africa

November 2006 – Western Europe – Germany

November 2006, January 2007, October 2009 – Southeast Asia – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

November, 2006 & August 2008 – Oceania – Fiji

April 2007 – Eastern Europe – Kiev

July 2007 – East Africa – Multiple countries

Putting the Cross on the roof of the world.


July 2007, July 2008 – Eastern Europe – Latvia

August 2007 – Edmund Hillary’s story challenges Christians to do what has never been done before – to climb the Mount Everest of the Church and complete the Great Commission.

August 2007, March 2009 – Australasia – New Zealand

October 2007, May 2009, November 2010 – Global Cochair Meetings

November 2007, November 2008, August 2009, August 2011 – Southeast Asia – Manila. Manila leader David Sobrepeña travels the world teaching success strategies for church planting with Billion Soul.


December 2007, July 2008, September 2009, August 2011 – East Africa – Uganda

December 2007, March 2008, September 2008, May 2009, April 2010 – West Africa – Nigeria. Major denominational leaders meet for the first time. “This is the first time the global church is being mobilized together to share out resources and to synergies our efforts together to help finish the Great Commission.” – Ademola Ishola, PhD, Nigerian Baptist Convention

December 2007, May 2011, November 2011 – Middle East

January, 2008 – The first Synergize Conference is held, Atlanta. Cochairs Meet at the North American Mission Board

June 2008 – Southeast Asia – Indonesia. Network stakes planted in the highest population Muslim nation on earth. Billion Soul Summits in all major cities of India, population one billion.

June 2008 & September 2010 Chennai (Madras)

June 2008 – Kolkata (Calcutta)

June 2008, June 2010 – China

J Hudson Taylor IV spearheads the Billion Soul Network.

August 2008 – East Africa – Kenya

October 2009 – Mumbai (Bombay)

October 2009 – Delhi

October 2009 – Unreached People Summit

October 2009 – West Africa – Liberia

10,000 Global leaders discuss how to synergize resources and relationships to help complete the Great Commission.

South American leaders choose to double the size of the church!


August 2009 – South America – Chile

June 2009, March 2010 South America – Argentina

August 2009, June 2010 South America – Ecuador

January, 2010 – Synergize 2 in Orlando. The Global Church came together to save the world!

September, 2010 – First Finish Line Meeting inside the darkest region of the world, New Delhi, India

May 2011 – Western Europe – Scandinavia

In each global region, church leaders take ownership for church planting in their region. Together, they set collective goals to meet the greater goal to plant five million new churches.


September 2011 – Finish Line becomes an annual thrust for unreached peoples, New Delhi. Training centers and church planting progresses quickly.

January, 2012 – Synergize 3, Orlando. Global Church Learning Center and first-ever solar-powered printing press premiere.